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Festival Programming Announcement: June 26th

SummerWorks Performance Festival (August 3 - 13, 2023)

Thank you for an incredible year! Check out the 2023 Year-End Wrap Video for highlights from all of our amazing SummerWorks happenings…

Welcome to the 33rd SummerWorks Performance Festival!

Join us for 11 days of diverse encounters and curious collaborations with artists, audiences, and creative partners from across Canada, and around the world.

Curated by, and in conversation with our six Guest Curators, the 2023 Festival asks crucial questions about our relationship to our senses, and heightens our embodied awareness of the world around us. You’ll experience a diverse mix of innovative and sensorial performance experiences combined with unique and thought-provoking creative exchanges.

If you’ve attended in the past, or you are just now encountering the Festival for the first time – welcome! There is so much rich potential in the moment of meeting; between two people and between artist and audience. There’s a sensation that’s palpable; there’s a spark that ignites when we share space in intimacy and in proximity with one another. There’s an endless array of possibilities…

Whether it’s in the theatre, at the Market, or on the dance floor, we look forward to meeting you and sharing space with you!

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Uncover more about the 2023 SummerWorks Performance Festival by viewing general information about tickets, venues, and policies.

Video produced by Deaf Spectrum. Signer: Alice Lo.

Festival Programming 2023

Programming Streams

SummerWorks Performance Festival (August 3-13, 2023) offers four distinct streams of programming:

SummerWorks Presentations
Fully-developed new works, offering a snapshot of the future of contemporary performance.

SummerWorks Lab
A place for exploration, experimentation, and process, with diverse performance works at crucial stages of development, forging connections between artists and audiences.

SummerWorks Public Works
Free performances and artworks that aim to bring artists and audiences together to experience public space in new ways.

SummerWorks Exchange
Community workshops and professional development, facilitated discussions, mentorship, and networking opportunities for artists, audiences, and industry professionals.

Guest Curators

Six images of the six curators. Sue looks out at a body of water and sunset aboard a boat. A black and white image of Ralph dancing with hands on his waist and a leg raised wearing half pants, half dress. Aria looks at the camera wearing a yellow top, a beaded earring, in front of a purple background. A black and white image of Jivesh with round glasses, a beard, hooped earrings and a jean jacket. A profile image of ted with short blond hair, white tank top, long necklace and an arm tattoo of a large bird. An image of Alison looking at the camera smiling in a turquoise top and background.

This year’s Festival is curated by six Guest Curators – Sue Balint, Ralph Escamillan, Aria Evans, Jivesh Parasram, ted witzel, and Alison Wong. Learn more about what inspired the 2023 Festival programming and get to know our 2023 Guest Curators.



A smiling person with glasses performs wrapped in an orange scarf. Four audience members can be seen in the background behind them. Ralitsa Rodriguez in Gender Reveal Party (SummerWorks 2019). Photo by Henry Chan.

SummerWorks is committed to continually increasing accessibility for our artists and audiences. This includes extending accessibility practices throughout the entirety of the artistic and administrative processes.

We strive to go beyond the bare minimum standard of accessibility practices in the performing arts and to support artists, programmers, and partner organizations in considering how access can be incorporated throughout all aspects of a production and throughout all stages, from development to presentation. It is our expectation that the artists we work with will also strive to put accessibility practices at the forefront of the creative process and implementation of their work.


Equity & Diversity

Image of a theatre full of people, taken from the stage. A performer with their back to the camera, stands facing a seated audience. There is a spotlight shining down on the performer. Reece's Pieces 2.0 (SummerWorks 2019) Photo by Andrew Williamson

SummerWorks is committed to equity and diversity, both through our program of activities and as an employer. Our practices and procedures aim to reflect the varied needs, expectations, and cultures of all members of our community. We make every effort to ensure that no member of the community receives less favourable treatment in our recruitment process or when accessing our services, on the grounds of gender identity, disability, race, religion or belief, age, or sexual orientation.

Health & Safety

The words 'There is so much more to say' is written in colourful tape on the brick wall of a residence in the daytime. Health and Safety Notes (SummerWorks 2022). Photo Credit: Andrew Williamson

SummerWorks centres our core value of Care in the development of our health & safety policies and practices. The health and safety of patrons, artists, volunteers, and staff is our number one priority.