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SummerWorks - Health & Safety Policy For Our Patrons

Last Policy Update: July 23, 2024

The health and safety of our patrons, artists, volunteers, and staff is a high priority, linked to SummerWorks’ core value of Care. We will continue to refer to government and public health resources to update this policy in the future as appropriate.

Communicable Disease Prevention

SummerWorks defines “communicable diseases” as illnesses that are transmitted through close person-to-person contact, and are known to spread easily in group settings. These may include COVID-19, influenza, Mpox, norovirus, or other unknown infections that may be identified by local Public Health as epidemics or illnesses of concern. SummerWorks has placed the value of care at the centre of this policy, which includes recognition that community and individual risk tolerance, related to COVID-19 and other communicable diseases, is varied and nuanced. 

As a matter of care and respect to SummerWorks’ artists and audiences, please do not attend any Festival event or activity if you are experiencing flu or COVID-19 symptoms, or if you are feeling unwell.


  • Masking at Venues: SummerWorks encourages the use of masks at all indoor events and activities, except for times when food or beverages are actively consumed. We will always defer to the policies of our partner venues regarding the use of masks, and apply mask requirements accordingly. At the time this policy was written, none of the 2024 SummerWorks venues require mandatory masking in their performance spaces or common areas.
  • Risk-Conscious Performances: Some indoor performances may be designated as Risk-Conscious Performances, during which all audience members will be required to wear face masks or coverings while attending the performance. Surgical masks will be available at the venue for any such performances. Individual Risk-Conscious Performances will be clearly indicated on our website, at point-of-sale, on ticket confirmation emails, and onsite at the venue, and will be open for sale to the general public.
  • Risk-Conscious Environments: Some outdoor performances may be designated as Risk-Conscious Environments. The use of face masks or coverings at these performances is strongly encouraged, and SummerWorks will have surgical masks available onsite for all audience members.

The following performances and events are designated as a Risk-Conscious Performance at the 2024 SummerWorks Performance Festival. All audience members are required to wear face masks or coverings in performance areas and spaces at all times:

The following performance is designated as a Risk-Conscious Environment at the 2024 SummerWorks Performance Festival: