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Festival Programming Announcement: June 26th

A black and white portrait of a white woman's right side of the face, right eye staring straight ahead. Photo Credit: Mona Kumzaite, edited by Alice Lo

Lady M (Margaret)

Interdisciplinary / Theatre

1s1 Theatre

The Theatre Centre, Franco Boni Theatre

Aug 5, 7:00PM

Aug 8, 7:00PM *

Aug 9, 7:00PM

Aug 10, 7:00PM

Aug 11, 7:00PM

Aug 12, 1:30PM & 7:00PM

60 Minutes

Ticket Price
$15, $25, $35

A black and white portrait of a white woman's right side of the face, right eye staring straight ahead. Photo Credit: Mona Kumzaite, edited by Alice Lo

A story of a mother’s grief.

Without a child, there seems little purpose. When a heart is broken and the heartache never fades, the dull ache becomes resentment, then anger. This is what drives Lady M (Margaret). Searching for a purpose, her hardened heart will lead her to do the unimaginable to get what she wants. Her desire for power to keep her family leads to haunting guilt and swelling paranoia.

Lady M (Margaret) is a new, Deaf-led adaptation of Macbeth that explores Shakespeare’s famous power couple with an intersectional experience for both Deaf and hearing audiences. Adapted, created and directed by internationally-renowned, Scotland-based theatre maker Ramesh Meyyappan, this world premiere performance work is the inaugural production by 1s1 Theatre featuring Dawn Jani Birley and Sturla Alvsvåg in the title roles.

“Deaf-led projects by culturally and linguistically Deaf professional artists are so rare in Canada. In order to build authentic bridges of intercultural exchanges between Deaf and hearing communities, it is vital for Deaf artists to have a say – or be empowered and supported in telling our own stories – rather than being portrayed in ways we have been systemically perceived.”
– Dawn Jani Birley, Performer in Lady M (Margaret)


* There is a 20-minute post-show talkback on August 8th, featuring Director, Ramesh Meyyappan, and Performers, Dawn Jani Birley, Sturla Alvsvåg, and Joshua Bosworth.

Ramesh Meyyappan — Director
Dawn Jani Birley — Lady Macbeth
Sturla Alvsvåg — Macbeth
Joshua Bosworth — Duncan
Julia Dickson — Producer
Patrick Lynn -— Production Manager
Michelle Soicher — Stage Manager
Sally Roberts — Assistant Stage Manager
Andre du Toit — Lighting Designer
Jung-Hye Kim — Set Designer
Carlyn Rahusaar Routledge — Costume Designer
Jenna Geen — Sound Designer/Composer
Daniel Levinson — Fight Director

Additional producing and development support by Michelle Yagi and Miriam Fernandes

A 1s1 Production, co-produced by Why Not Theatre

Lady M (Margaret) has been made possible with generous support from the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, Canadian Heritage, Lindy Green Family Foundation, and TD Ready Commitment.

ASL Interpreters at box office and with venue staff starting 1 hour prior to all performances, and available 1 hour after all performances.


Content: violence, infant mortality, reference to sexual assault, mention of war, prop rifles in use.

Sensory: recorded sounds of gun/rifle shots, haze, fog, fake blood.

Part of the SummerWorks Presentations programming – a vital collection of theatre, dance, music, and live artworks from across the country offering you a snapshot of contemporary performance.