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Photo by Sheena D. Robertson

Growing Up Regent


Kick Start Arts

Aki Studio, Native Earth

August 1, 8:30pm

60 Minutes

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Photo by Sheena D. Robertson

Growing Up Regent is a play created from within Toronto’s oldest public housing community. After the shooting death of sixteen year old Travis, his chosen family struggles with grief, guilt, the police, and adult decisions made way too young. Will Lila find solace in her spoken word? Will Kalima’s foray into social media help or hinder? Will Fleurie’s friends be able to intervene before it’s too late? A testament to the significance of love and family in hard times, Growing Up Regent asks the question – What would you do for the people you love?

Actors: Abdullahi Ali, Tony Le, Amanda Pileggi, Zahara Edwards, Rafidah Min Naing, John Cleland
Lead Writers: Abdullahi Ali and Spider R. Hetherington
Additional Writing: Mandeq Hassan, Tony Le, Amanda Pileggi, Peter Cockett , Ola Njoku, and Jackie Batsinduka
Spoken Word: Ola Njoku and Giselle Jones
Dramaturgy: Paula Wing, and Sheena D. Robertson
Direction: Sheena D. Robertson
Production Manager: Mandeq Hassan
Stage Manager: Keara Hicks
Production Design: Nancy Ciccone
Projection Design: Laura Cardeño

Presented as part of SummerWorks’ Accessibility and Community Wellness Program, generously funded by Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation.

Growing Up Regent is supported by Boat Rocker Media, Soulpepper Theatre Company, and Ontario Arts Council.


Content: gun violence, racism, intense moments involving police, grief, cyber bullying

Sensory: gun, sound effect of a gun shot. A cop pulls a gun in the show.

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