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Photo, courtesy of the artist

A, Brazil flag emoji, 47

Installation / Interdisciplinary / Theatre

Yago Mesquita

Factory Theatre, Studio

August 9, 9:00pm

60 Minutes

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Photo, courtesy of the artist

A, Brazil flag emoji, 47 (ABfe47) is an experimental play following Brazilian-Canadian CAUÃ as he remembers his past relationship with much older, also Brazilian ANDERSON, the namesake of CAUÃ’s absent father.

Taking the form of a performance installation, ABfe47 invites audiences to experience the intimacy and poetry of this developing script in an engaging way.

ABfe47 is a search for familiarity amidst the unknown, taking the lasting power and fragmented nature of memory to explore fatherlessness in marginalized communities, grief, identity, love—or rather the idea of it, trauma, and the sometimes- (often-) muddied lines of queer hookup culture.

Yago Mesquita (he/him): Creator, Playwright, Producer
Kadi Badiou (she/her): Designer Collaborator (Scenic)
Cosette Pin (he/she/they): Designer Collaborator (Scenic)
Jacob Lin (he/him): Designer Collaborator (Lighting, Sound)
Carley Melvin (she/her): Production Manager / Technical Director
Adriano Reis (he/him): Perfomer
Victoria Wang (she/her): Installation Coordinator
Emily Jung (she/her): Visual Arts Consultant

A, Brazil flag emoji, 47 is supported by Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, and Toronto Arts Council


Content: explicit / suggestive / sexual language and imagery
Sensory: loud or overwhelming noises at times

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