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Photo by Keelin Jack

Worm Moon

Participatory / Theatre


Factory Theatre, Studio

August 5, 7:00pm

August 10, 1:30pm

60 Minutes

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August 5 - FREE (registration required) / August 10 - $15 / $30

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Photo by Keelin Jack

Weird communist and erratic prophet, Thomas McKechnie, has created a new ritual for the world that’s coming.

Join Thomas in building your very own vermicomposter, turning kitchen scraps and other green waste into a rich, dark soil that smells like earth and magic. Our worm compost is not only practical but spiritual. We’re going to feed the worms the rotten garbage of ourselves and our world: shame, fear, inadequacy, white supremacist colonial capitalism, prisons, police, unnecessary remakes of childhood classics, everything. What is required to transform ourselves and what’s all around us? All your rotten veggies and our current dystopia are waiting to be composted into a new world. One being’s trash is another’s deepest need, after all.

Thomas McKechnie: Writer/Performer
Kelly Read: Creative Producer

Worm Moon received residency support from The Theatre Centre, when it was first developed as a Zoom performance.


All presentations of Worm Moon are designated as Relaxed Performances and a Risk-Conscious Performances. All audience members are required to wear face masks or coverings in the Factory Theatre, Studio at all times.


Content: incarceration, prison abolition; worms, bottom feeders, transformers; major world discomfort and change
Sensory: use of projection, smell of earth and compost, the performer and willing participants may touch red wiggler worms

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