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Photo by Phil Latour

Slug Meal

Dance / Theatre

Camille Huang

Theatre Passe Muraille, Mainspace

August 9, 6:00pm

August 10, 8:30pm

Co-presented with Dancemakers, in association with Buddies in Bad Times

60 Minutes

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$15 / $30

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Photo by Phil Latour

Slug Meal is a hyper-physical performance exploring sensations of taste and “matter out of place”: rooting from conceptions of immigrant food as distasteful. Haunted by a swallowed slug, it is a performative digestion complexifying ideas of purity, belonging and implications of ‘filth’ in a Chinese, feminized body.

Set amidst the echo of ‘immigrant identity’, the scene becomes at once, both washed and dirty. The performer undulates between formal abstraction through decontextualized objects and the visceral emergence of their own felt body. 

“matter out of place” in reference to Douglas, P. M. (2002). Purity and Danger. Routledge.

Camille Huang: Choreography, Performance, Set, Sound Design, Production
Victor Burton: Reworked Piano
Jenn Mong: Piano

Slug Meal is supported by Canada Council for the Arts


Content: partial nudity
Sensory: mouth sounds, water

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