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Photo/design, courtesy of community consultant

It’s a Shame

Interdisciplinary / Online / Participatory / Theatre

 Lucy Coren

Theatre Passe Muraille, Backspace

August 10, 8:30pm

August 10, 9:30pm

August 11, 12:30pm

August 11, 1:30pm

45 Minutes

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Photo/design, courtesy of community consultant

It’s a Shame is a digital site-specific performance that takes place on OnlyFans, and offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the complex realities of being a sex worker. It situates sex work as simply that–work. It’s a Shame digs into that familiar tension so many of us feel between the need to work and provide for ourselves, while also trying to balance self-compassion, rest and care.

Conceived by Lucy Coren, and co-created by Lucy and Nevaeh, a sex worker and birth worker in Toronto, this work is performed by Nevaeh and is a composite of elements of her own life, as well as material generated by interviews with other folks in the sex work industry in the city.

Audience Experience: 

It’s A Shame is a hybrid performance, blending elements of digital performance with in-person live theatrical elements. Audience members will experience this performance individually as part of a small group, sitting in front of a laptop with headphones. Staff and volunteers will be available to help with any technical issues as the audience member settles into their space in the venue, as well as throughout the performance if there are any issues.

Lucy Coren: Co-creator and Director
Nevaeh May: Co-creator and Performer
Rinchen Dolma: Performer
Brandon Lorimer: Performer
Miquelon Rodriguez: Broadcast Designer
Community Consultants: Riley, Shawtay, Christina

It’s a Shame was originally commissioned and developed by Project: Humanity.
Dramaturgy by Andrew Kushnir

All performances of It’s a Shame are designated as Relaxed Performances.


Content: contains visual and written content that is sexual in nature. We reflect the OnlyFans content warning of 18+ NSFW (Not Safe For Work.)

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