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Photo by Lin Hsuan Lang

Girl’s Notes III

Dance / Live Art / Theatre

Su PinWen

The Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance

August 1, 7:00pm

August 3, 3:30pm

August 4, 6:45pm

Co-presented with Why Not Theatre

45 Minutes

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$15 / $30 / $45

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Photo by Lin Hsuan Lang

Girl’s Notes III is the only creation based entirely on Pin-Wen’s personal experience in 2020. Pin-Wen pays attention to females who have retreated from public to private space because of the isolating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic; especially those who live alone. The work resonates even more acutely in the current/ongoing state of the pandemic. When gender loses the eyes of the social gaze, how are their bodies moving and how is gender performed?

Su PinWen: Creator and Performer

This presentation of Girl’s Notes III is generously supported by the Taipei Cultural Center in New York.


Content: nudity and sexually suggestive movements

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