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Photo, courtesy of the artist

C³ (Camille Cubed)


Micaela Janse van Rensburg / Dance Arts Institute

Aki Studio, Native Earth

August 2, 6:00pm

August 3, 5:00pm

30-min performance + 30-min conversation

60 Minutes

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Photo, courtesy of the artist

C³ (Camille Cubed) is a contemporary dance work that explores curious circumstances imposed by strange objects. You are invited to witness a dancer’s tactile journey as she moves steadily through an unpredictable pathway in space, in which she encounters these unfamiliar objects – their sharp edges, uneven surfaces, level changes, and relative scale. Camille meets the objects’ angularity with her own softness and secret power; she keeps you in a state of anticipation as you witness her, and acknowledges moments of ambiguity with knowing glances. Images form and slowly morph as she finds points of teetering balance, moments of uncertainty, and expansion. is a choreographic expansion that asks: “what is possible with what I have?”, and “where will I let it take me?”.

It is an exploration of personal and environmental limitations, and a carving of one’s own way.

Micaela Janse van Rensburg: Choreographer
Heidi Strauss: Choreographic Mentor
Camille Scully: Collaborator/Performer
Helin Gungoren: Stage Manager

Presented as part of an ongoing partnership with Dance Arts Institute, made possible by the generous support of Lindy Green and Sam Chaiton as The Winchester Prize.

The August 2nd presentation of C³ (Camille Cubed) is designated as a Relaxed Performance and a Risk-Conscious Performance. All audience members are required to wear face masks or coverings in Aki Studio at all times.

SummerWorks Lab programming – a place for exploration, experimentation, and process, with diverse performance works shared at crucial stages of creative development, forging connections between artists and audiences.