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Interdisciplinary / Participatory / Theatre

in partnership with Canadian Stage and York University

August 8, 3:00pm

August 10, 3:00pm

August 11, 3:00pm

August 12, 3:00pm

August 13, 3:00pm

August 14, 3:00pm

August 15, 3:00pm

60 Minutes

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nowhen (noun) – “A point from which one has an unrestricted perspective in time.”

Seven paths, seven stories, converging in celebration of the thing that unites us: place. In nowhen, Alison Wong (York University Theatre and Canadian Stage MFA Candidate) invites guests to “let go of time, and revel in place”. 

nowhen is a two-part, auditory and nature based experience, with groups choosing to start  at one of seven entry points to High Park. Audiences gather to witness  a choreographed narrative adapted from stories of different perspectives, featured in Living Hyphen magazine,  eventually meeting at the park’s amphitheatre for a live performance, told through sound, movement, colour and language. The performance culminates in meditation, and celebration, of a deepened relationship to both the physical and temporal realms.

Featuring — Abriana Lashley, Cole Alvis, Djennie Laguerre, Hasib Rahim, Jiafan (Felix) Hao, Karolina Solovka, Yasmine Amirkahni

Directed & created by Alison Wong

Editor of Living Hyphen — Justine Abigail-Yu

Living Hyphen Writers — Alison Isaac, Emily Kedar, Karen Lahura, Ayla Lefkowitz, Victoria Liao, Nariné Martiros-Gharakhanian, Lance D. Morrison, Anika Rasheed, Thunderclaw Robinson, Dee Stoicescu

Set & Costume Designer — César el Hayeck

Sound Designer — Miquelon Rodriguez

Stage Manager — Laura Baxter

Assistant Stage Manager — Sandi Becker

Head Of Wardrobe — Laura Delchiaro

Cutter — Marlee Bygate

Stitcher — Janet Pym

Stitcher — Ilana Harendorf

Prop stitcher — Carly Beamish

Technical Director — Tristan Geothel

Assistant Technical Director — Aidan Ware

Head of Props — Mary Spyrakis

In the first half of nowhen, audience members gather at one of seven different entry points and experience one of seven choreographed narratives, or “tracts”, moving through the park. In part two, all groups arrive at the High Park Amphitheatre for a live performance.

Audience Guide including Visual Guide. This visual guide provides helpful information about how to arrive at the show, and what each tract will be like. Tracts 4 and 6 are the most accessible to those using wheeled devices.

Individual visual guides for each tract will be available prior to the performance.

Part one of nowhen is designed to be experienced by audiences via a smartphone app, ECHOES. Audiences are encouraged to arrive with a fully-charged phone and headphones.

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