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Festival Programming Announcement: June 26th

Photo by MJ Chapman



Curated and Presented by The Theatre Centre

The Theatre Centre - Franco Boni Theatre

February 13, 7:00pm

February 14, 7:00pm

February 15, 7:00pm

60 Minutes

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Photo by MJ Chapman

Scottee grew up around mould, mice and secondhand clothes. After a chance meeting with some posh kids, his Mum teaching him to talk proper and him successfully persuading his parents to take him off free school meals Scottee knew he didn’t want to be working class.

Scottee uncovers what it is to be embarrassed about where you’re from, how you can pretend to be richer than you are and explores why we all get a thrill from watching how the other half live.

This is a show for the middle class, those who didn’t grow up in poverty.

Class isn’t a show for those processing issues around domestic violence, food addiction and the effects of growing up in poverty.

“A brilliant, angry, damaged, brutal, savagely funny reflection on what it means growing up working-class”
– Attitude

“Scottee creates theatres of discomfort… If you’re middle class, you might prefer to avoid a situation in which you’ll be caricatured, patronised or judged; not everyone, of course, has that luxury.”
– The Scotsman

See also: Scottee’s Working Class Dinner Party on Feb 11, 2020.

Directed by Sam Curtis Lindsay
Lighting Design: Marty Langthorne
Set Design: Katherina Radeva
Sound Design: Stuart Bowditch
Production Manager: Helen Mugridge
Executive Producer: Molly Nicholson
Assistant Producer: Roxanne Carney
Associate Director: Matty May

Class is commissioned by HOME, Gulbenkian and ACCA
Scottee & Friends Ltd is supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation
This presentation is supported by The British Council

United Kingdom

Performed in English