Assistant Producer

Prism Arcobaleno (they/them) is a nonbinary/genderfluid, queer, and disabled creative living in Tkaronto. They love art in all its forms for the way it contributes to a healthy mind, body, and soul, and believe that it is highly individualistic; anyone can participate in it. Prism’s forms of artistic expression are in fibre arts such as crocheting, sewing, and cross stitching as well as practicing theatre and musical arts. They are beginning to lean more into their interest in the production/technical sides of performance.

Prism has been involved in community theatre since childhood, and aspires to be a leader in the arts circle. Working over the past two years with community arts companies such as Arts4All, Jumblies Theatre, ReDefine Arts, and Red Pepper Spectacle Arts, Prism’s career as an arts administrator and producer is taking off; they are excited to be on this year’s SummerWorks producing team.