Accessibility Coordinator

Krystal Kavita Jagoo (she/her) is a fat brown queer disabled immigrant woman and settler on Turtle Island. Her earlier experience as an Accessibility Advisor at the University of Toronto informs her commitment to disability justice, which she works towards through writing, facilitation, consulting, etc. Her hermit crab essay, “University Ableism Bingo” was featured in the 2020 Pandemic: A Feminist Response exhibition, the 2020 zine, CRIP COLLAB, the 2022 Owning Our Stories journal, and it was a part of Inclusion Canada’s 2022 This is Ableism campaign. Her “Surviving Academia in this Body” clip was created through the Invisibility to Inclusion: Episodic Disabilities in Ontario Workplaces digital storytelling project to highlight how white supremacy fuels ableism. Her memoir essay, “A Slow Death in Academia” was published in Radical: An Unapologetic Anthology by Women & Gender Nonconforming Storytellers of Color in 2020, and presented at tapashta, SpringWorks’ Digital ShortWorks Showcase in 2022.