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Photo by Sarah Wong

Wheezy Breezy

Dance / Free / Installation / Live Art / Relaxed Performance

jes sachse / Sarah Wong

Regent Park

August 2, 4:00pm

August 3, 6:00pm

August 4, 11:00am

Co-presented with Dancemakers

60 Minutes

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FREE (no registration required)

Photo by Sarah Wong

Wheezy Breezy is an interdisciplinary durational performance that sits in the complexities of navigating our dance practices as disabled artists breathing through the ongoing pandemic. Focusing on the necessary act of breath that bodies unconsciously choreograph is a way to reveal how bodies have been interrupted by eugenics insistence to “return to normal.” Grounding disability at the core of our work, we lean into multiple modalities of accessible translation to interrupt capital procedure and expand the possibilities of performance by nurturing creative adaptation of one moment to the next. 

As we move in step with grief, we dance in relationship with the medical, with aesthetic, with public space, with improvisations of sonic accompaniment, and with global movements for collective liberation. Wheezy Breezy rides along the winds that are already blowing through Regent Park, in recognition of the power of being in community and communion with others. Regent Park has a long and deeply respected reputation of pushing back on gentrification, speaking up for the land and the decades of communities already living here, as forces attempt to claim it away, seeing it more valuable in its proximity to downtown core, which concrete and money has been making unliveable for many.

jes sachse and Sarah Wong – Co-Choreographers and Performers

Wheezy Breezy is co-produced and developed in residency with Dancemakers, with additional support from Citadel + Compagnie. This project was originally curated by Arts Assembly, through an open call for curatorial projects, initiated by Dancemakers.

ASL Interpretation is provided on August 3rd and 4th.
Open Audio Description is provided at all performances.
Onsite Access Doulas are present during all performances, to support audience members with specific access needs.

All presentations of Wheezy Breezy are designated as Relaxed Environments and Risk-Conscious Environments.

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