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Compagnie Jil Z / Mehdi Dahkan

The Theatre Centre, BMO Incubator

August 9, 7:00pm

August 10, 4:30pm

August 11, 2:30pm

Co-presented with Dancemakers / Double-bill performance with slip away

30 Minutes

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Photo by Deda Productions

SUBJECT TO / خضوع is a solo performance that deals with the mutable nature of silence, whether chosen or forced. It raises questions about the symbolism of silence and proposes it as an alternative (and louder) form of protest. Inspired by the Tanjawi ritual of Europe-gazing, where individuals of different ages gather at the highest point of the city of Tangier and sit in contemplation, gazing at Europe for long periods, often without uttering a word, this meditative performance is the second part of a trilogy on the theme of rituals of protest and resistance.

SUBJECT TO / خضوع is presented as a double-bill performance with slip away.

Mehdi Dahkan – Conception & performance

SUBJECT TO / خضوع is supported by Frankfurt Lab, Goethe Institute Cairo, and HAU – Hebbel Am Ufer.

The August 11th presentation of SUBJECT TO / خضوع is designated as a Relaxed Performance and a Risk-Conscious Performance. All audience members are required to wear face masks or coverings in the Theatre Centre, BMO Incubator at all times.


Content: partial nudity, images that can be viewed as self-harm (use of candle wax on body)

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