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Photo, courtesy of the artist

Sacred Sacrilegious

Dance / Free / Interdisciplinary / Relaxed Performance / Video & Film

Sujit Vaidya

Factory Theatre, Mainspace

August 5, 5:00pm

45 Minutes

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FREE (no registration required)

Photo, courtesy of the artist

Sacred Sacrilegious explores the body as an offering to the five elements in accordance with Hindu philosophy (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space). This 40-minute film is an abstraction of ideas that are placed through the body as moving landscapes, in an attempt to access one-ness with the elemental self through intimate and erotic rituals. Through the use of gestural and movement language from Bharatanatyam, you are invited to hold space for intimacy and longing while questioning your gaze on the performing body.

Join us for a restful and reflective film screening and live in-person experience in shared space, as the film delves into sensuality, intimacy, and eroticism, and problematizes taboo and shame with queer South Asian identities in traditional contexts.

Sujit Vaidy: Concept/ Choreography/ Dancer
Robert Kingsbur: Videography/ Editor
Parmela Attariwala: Sound Design

Sacred Sacrilegious is supported by Anandam Dance Theatre and Canada Council for the Arts.

Presented as part of SummerWorks’ Accessibility and Community Wellness Program, generously funded by Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation.


Content: partial nudity in the film

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