2016 Programming

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Theatre, Site Specific
Created by Julia Aplin and Baņuta Rubess.
True confessions from age 7 to 97. Plus drinks.

14 Scattered Islands

Created and Performed by Tina Nanaki Fance.
A pilgrimage home, a deep-sea diver, slide projector, pigeons, a disco ball, and the universe.

4 1/2 (ig)noble truths

Written and Performed by Thomas McKechnie; Directed by Michael Reinhart.
A punk rock performance lecture with 4 1/2 totally useful tips for battling depression.

A Moment of Silence

Written and Directed by Mohammad Yaghoubi.
War, revolution, divorce. Shiva sleeps through it all, but execution awaits the playwright.


Initiated, Choreographed, and Performed by Simon Portigal.
Dance as a weapon of alienation.


Dance, Site Specific
Created and Performed by Allison Cummings and Lyon Smith.
Two lives dissected through the power of memory and the comparison of experience.


Written, Directed and Created by students from Maple High School.
A tale of immigration and displacement inspired by the Syrian refugee crisis.


Written and Directed by d'bi.young anitafrika.
An afro-futuristic story of life after the explosion of the Pickering Nuclear Plant.

Broken Lines

Choreographed by Nova Bhattacharya.
Two bharatnatyam dancers at the top of their game, one choreographer with a wicked sense of humour.


Worklight Workshop
Written and Performed by Yolanda Bonnell; Directed and Dramaturged by Cole Alvis.
An Indigenous girl struggles with addiction as a giant creature creeps ever closer.


Live Art
Conceived, Written and Performed by Erika Batdorf.
An intimate moment with art, technology and sound to burn away some veils.

Chase Scenes #1-58

Special Presentations
Created and Choreographed by Ming Hon.
58 chase scenes brought to life in a DIY film studio theme park ride.

D’BI. & THE 333 Live Concert

Created by d’bi.young anitafrika.
This is the new protest music Transform your hopelessness into action and joy!


Created by Adam Lazarus, Ann-Marie Kerr, Jiv Parasram and Melissa D’Agostino.
A darkly satirical one-man show examining the beauty and horror of men.


Created by Jessie Garon with Jarrett Siddall.
Physicalizing the concept of quantum entanglement through charged contemporary dance.

Don’t Talk to Me Like I’m Your Wife

Directed by Andrew Lamb; Written by Andrea Scott.
If the word feminism makes you cringe, this play is not for you.

Duets for Beginners

Live Art
Concept by Clayton Lee
Three interconnected performances create space for generosity, intimacy, and play.

Dull Roar

Created by Valerie Calam/Company Vice Versa.
A dance drone moving between self, group, and others in a continuous cycle.


Co-created by Hong Kong Exile and artist-entrepreneur, Conor Wylie.
Motivational keynote speech featuring artist-turned-entrepreneur, Conor Wylie.

Empire of Night

Live Art
Created by Kari Pederson, Charles Ketchabaw, Matt Smith and Adam Paolozza.
An overnight immersive sleep over celebrating all things nocturnal.


Directed by Megan Watson; Written by Georgina Beaty.
Margaret, her baby and an anthropologist attempt to thrive in impossible conditions.

Fame Prayer / EATING

Performed and Created by Andrew Tay, Francois Lalumiere and Katrzyna Szugajew.
A rigorously undisciplined performance about spirituality and consumption.


Special Presentations
Created and Performed by Asaf Aharonson and Ruairí Donovan.
An object orientated dance duet exploding the queer performativity of Nature.

Glitter Jesus

Written by Kurt Marble and Maddy Wilde.
A fuzz filled sermon that will restore your faith in sex, drugs and rock & roll.


Created and Performed by Ozo Vision.
An experimental product demonstration yields unexpected results.

High Blood (DATU x HATAW)

Music, Dance
Created and Performed by DATU and members of HATAW.
A blessed union of music and movement showcasing Filipino-Canadian culture.


Dance, Site Specific
Concept by Kate Nankervis.
Horizon is a zone for looking: closely, long and beyond in an arena of reflection.

I’m Not Here

Theatre, Site Specific
Written by Marie-Claude Verdier; Translated by Alexis Diamond; Directed by Jen Quinn.
using theatre’s immediacy to question interconnectivity, in an immersive setting

If This Is The End

Worklight Workshop
Written and Performed by Shandra Spears Bombay; Directed and Dramaturged by Marion DeVries and Heather Majaury.
Standing in the ruins of the Canadian dream after 3 generations of cultural genocide.

Imaginary Anthropologies

Theatre, Music
Written, Composed and Performed by Gabriel Dharmoo.
Strange vocal rituals of imaginary populations, scrutinized by self-proclaimed experts.


Created by Brescia Nember Reid, Bloodbeard and Drawing With Knives experimental shadow puppetry co.
Intergenerational stories of embodiment, explored in large-scale shadow puppetry.


Theatre, Site Specific
Created by Cat Montgomery and Sasha Singer-Wilson.
A site specific, one-on-one performance about who we are when we’re alone.

Intent City

Live Art
Eventual Ashes with Red Slam Collective.
What's your intent on this land? A live remix of sounds, images, and your input.

Laughing Merlin & The Romanticals

Choreography by Robyn Breen.
Enter the world of the all-knowing movers and music makers The Romanticals.

Lessons in Temperament

Theatre, Site Specific
Written and Performed by James Smith; Directed and Developed by Mitchell Cushman.
Pursuing mental stability through the imperfect act of tuning a piano.

Maylee Todd and La-Nai Gabriel’s “Inamorata”

Created, Directed and Performed by Maylee Todd and La-Nai Gabriel.
A remixed version of Maylee Todd's upcoming Acts Of Love with an all-female band.

Memory Palace

Choreography and Direction by Dorian Nuskind-Oder.
A performance about remembering what it feels like to dance together.

Mr. Shi and His Lover

Special Presentations
Text by Wong Teng Chi; Music and Musical direction by Njo Kong Kie; Directed by Johnny Tam.
Inspired by the true story of an opera singing spy and his lover.

My Nightmares Wear White

Written by Grace Thompson; Directed by Karin Randoja.
This is a play about a girl who started at the end and is stuck in the middle.


Directed by Zoë Erwin-Longstaff; Written and Performed by Thea Fitz-James.
A head-long dive into the public & private history of the naked female body.


Created by Deanna Peters.
A thrilling, eye-popping ride through our physical desires.

Nize It

Directed by Lynise Reedy; Created and performed by students from Dante Alighieri Academy.
Their language. Their neighbourhood. Their struggles.

No Context

Created by Amelia Ehrhardt; Performed by Amelia Ehrhardt and Catherine Ribeiro.
No Context is a catharsis/sector study/love note about dance, history, and insecurity.


Created and Choreographed by Helen Simard.
Overloading the senses with an explosion of proto-punk infused movement and music.


Created by Simon Renaud.
Awaken a desire to become closer as two entities strive to become one.

one small thing

Created by Mairéad Filgate.
An intricate, site-specific choreography of the everyday.


Directed by Brad Fraser; Written by Jijo Quayson; Dramaturgy by Djanet Sears, Brad Fraser and Andrea Donaldson.
The story of a Ghanaian family who struggles to find a better future.

Performing Performance

Created and Performed by Ellen Furey.
A solo dance where I don’t know what I’m doing (I know exactly what I’m doing).


Written by Rachel Ganz; Directed by Carly Chamberlain.
An irreverent, absurdist fable about fear, control, and chicken-women.

queer slow dance with radical thought: The (Ir)reverence Edition

Live Art
Conceived by Heather Hermant; Created by Heather Hermant and Alvis Parsley.
A library of queer radical thought with bodies as documents.

Quiet Revolution

Directed by Julia Hune-Brown and Gein Wong; Written and Performed by the 2016 participants of The AMY Project.t
A collaborative creation from the participants of the 2016 AMY Project.

Sara does a Solo

Choreographed, Written, Designed and Performed by Sara Porter.
A vibrant mix of memoir, dance, and comedy, about life as an artist & parent.


Written by Isabelle Hinch; Directed by Djennie Laguerre.
A young woman watches as her sister pursues a mystical love while torn between perceptions, beliefs and expectations.


Theatre, Youth
Directed and Created by Shira Taylor.
A performance experiment empowering youth to speak out about sex ed on their terms.

Situational Anarchy

Written and Performed by Graham Isador; Directed by Tom Arthur Davis.
Graham Isador explains his one-sided relationship with a transgender rockstar.

Soliloquy in English

Live Art
Created by Patrick Blenkarn.
A book, a documentary, a group reading: a performance in English, about English.

Sound Circuitz

Performances by BABY CAGES, Special Costello and DJ Budi.
Immersive musical performances inspired by early computer generated animations.

Summer Drift

Concept and Production by Brandon Hocura.
An immersive, long-format ambient new age performance environment.

the root of the river flows darker than clouds

Live Art
Created and Performed by lo bil.
A research residency & performance on cultivating wildness in the creative process.

The Unbelievers

Directed by Marina McClure; Written by Hannah Rittner.
Two women on opposite sides of a crisis must find a way to endure capture.

This is How We Got Here

Directed by Eli Ham; Written by Keith Barker.
A non-linear drama about a family dealing with the loss of their son to suicide.

This is the August

Directed by Megan Piercey Monafu; Written by Hillary Rexe.
A feminist love triangle, online and in real life.

Tomorrow’s Child

Special Presentations
Created by Ghost River Theatre; Based on the short story by Ray Bradbury.
An unforgettable immersive audio experience created for a blindfolded audience

Trompe-La-Mort, or Goriot in the 21st Century

Directed by Ted Witzel; Written by Anthony MacMahon.
A digital-age thriller exploring what happens when life is reduced to data.


Live Art
Created by Sarah Conn and Allison O’Connor.
An episodic performance and living installation about how you have changed.

Two Indians

Written by Falen Johnson; Directed by Jessica Carmichael.
Two Mohawk cousins debate in an alley in Toronto while waiting for the moon to rise.


Conceived and Choreographed by Catherine Murray.
In /vərˈbādəm/, we witness what happens when dance, language, and ethical responsibility collide.

Waving is Funny

Created by Tina Fushell in collaboration with Luke Garwood and Molly Johnson.
Dissecting the simple gesture of waving, how it is used and what makes it funny.

Wild parties were never her scene

Live Art
Conceived by Vanessa Jane Kimmons.
Dancers + media artists create a lo-fi spectacle in the storefront window of Craft Ontario.

The Conversations

In our continued desire to promote investigation through performance, we have programmed a series of public conversations that ask artists to engage in discussion around aspects of performance practice. All conversations are free and open to the public, who are invited to listen, participate, and come and go as they please.

SummerWorks Leadership Intensive Program

This year S.L.I.P. is expanding to intersect with the wider arts community and evolving in response to the evolving performance ecology. This year, SummerWorks, in partnership with Generator and The Koffler Centre of the Arts, are hosting three public events investigating what future arts and culture leadership needs and we're asking for your input. These events are free and open to everyone!

Movement Classes

A series of morning movement and contemporary dance classes led by past and present SummerWorks artists from across the globe. An opportunity to start your day with other members of the Festival community, to learn new techniques and develop new skills.