The Conversations

In our continued desire to promote investigation through performance, we have programmed a series of public conversations that ask artists to engage in discussion around aspects of performance practice. All conversations are free and open to the public, who are invited to listen, participate, and come and go as they please.

All Conversations will take place in the Factory Theatre Lobby.

The People in Black
Moderated by Tara Beagan
With Rachel Forbes, Andy Moro, and LJ Savage.
Designers and house technicians have tall orders to fill in a festival. What can we, in turn, do to mitigate the stress levels and to better support these vital team members?
Saturday August 6, 11:30am

The laboratory of art and science
Moderated by Laura Nanni
With Deanna Choi, Jessie Garon, and Mark David Hosale.
Artists are increasingly working with makers and researchers outside of the artistic realm, not only to inform the content of their work, but also as a way of innovating artistic forms. A discussion exploring the possibilities of collaboration between artistic creators and those experimenting in the scientific areas of biology, chemistry, physics and beyond.
Sunday August 7, 6:00pm

Spectacle in Concert
Moderated by Andrew Pulsifer
Jonny Dovercourt, Roxanne Ignatius, and Aaron Dawson.
Over the past few years, it seems Toronto is moving away from the general “rock show” where three or four bands play sets of music for a riveted audience. Artists are adding more visual and theatrical elements to their sets, and the audience keeps expecting more. This conversation aims to find out whether or not this kind of spectacle is sustainable for a thriving music scene, whether the spectacle is necessary or if the music can speak for itself.
Monday August 8, 2:00pm

No Boundaries, New Problems
Moderated by Cathy Gordon
With Amy Lam, Lo Bil, and Myung-Sun Kim.
In what ways is the traditional division between audience and performer being challenged? The ways in which an audience member experiences a show has been transforming since the 1960’s. Today, autonomy and participation has reached new levels of involvement. How do artists creating this kind of work consider the audience? How does the audience impact the work directly and what benefits and challenges arise as a result?
Tuesday August 9, 2:00pm

Social Anxiety in the Arts Community
Moderated by Adam Bradley
With Halloway Jones, Kristel Jax, and Kurt Marble.
Have you ever gone to a show only to find yourself sequestered in the restroom to avoid social contact? Ever felt completely overwhelmed by how many people you know in a room? Or how few? Ever found yourself to be the life of a conversation, but terrified the whole time? Social anxiety exists in myriad forms and beleaguers all types, from the apparently shy and awkward to the outwardly confident and outgoing. In this conversation with a group of people involved in the local scene, we’ll explore the various manifestations of social anxiety in Toronto’s music community: its absurd side, its heavy side and just why it is we put ourselves in front of the rushing train of public interaction.
Wednesday August 10, 2:00pm

Who cares? A think tank of wishful thinking…
Moderated by Jenn Goodwin
With Deanna Peters, Coman Poon, Bojana Stancic and Seika Boye.
As dance and visual art continue to connect with greater depth and frequency what are the conditions of care and attention that need to be assessed and addressed? What needs our tenderness and attention as this occurs? Or what needs the opposite? What should we let go of to make room for new concerns? How are you doing this through your work or elsewhere? How, if at all, is this exchange affecting your practice?
Thursday August 11, 2:00pm

What Now?
Moderated by Guillermo Verdecchia
With Carly Chamberlain, Susanna Fournier, Rachel Ganz, Milton Lam, Conor Wylie, Natalie Tin Yin Gan, and Remy Siu.
Old Fart Guillermo Verdecchia convenes a conversation about performance practices, passion, and politics. What are today’s theatre artists thinking about? What questions and influences shape contemporary practice? What relationship is there with what has come before? What’s next?
Friday August 12, 2:00pm