Get To Know Erin Brubacher

In attempt to get to to know the artists behind the Live Art Series better I had them answer 5/15 somewhat random questions. First up is Erin Brubacher. Her performance is called  Nightcap.

When were you first introduced to theatre?
I remember a summer drama camp when I was 8 or so: I entered the room, and was told that the floor was leaking and that I had to hold it down to stop water from shooting everywhere. I was committed; I remember being firmly fixed to that floor for a long while.

Do you collect anything?
Hand-crank egg beaters.

If you could meet anyone from history for lunch, who would it be?
My grandmother.

When you are not performing what do you like to do?
Cook nice food for people, drink coffee, ride my bike (while drinking coffee and planning nice food for people).

What are you looking forward to at SummerWorks 2012?

The Torontonians; Invitations/Into/Traces or all I want to do is invent a machine which creates surprises; Maybe if you choreograph me you will feel better; the John Moran screening; the letter writing party and the midnight dance lessons at the performance bar, Medicine Boy; One/Un; and ….

Coolest thing about your performance?
It’s really an experiment. I can’t know what will happen.

Erin Brubacher makes invitations, situations and images that interrupt and enter the everyday. Her work often explores the unoccupied spaces between strangers. Recent projects include:Private Commute (Featured Exhibition for the CONTACT photography festival with John Haney, 2012); Map Making (Communication Gallery, 2011); Homecoming (Rhubarb Festival, Toronto 2011); Borrel (Rozentheater, Amsterdam, 2010). In 2012 Erin joined Suburban Beast as social dramaturge. She has worked in artistic programming and creative education for arts organizations in Europe and in Canada including The Arches, Glasgow and Tarragon Theatre, where she is Director of Education and Outreach. Erin holds an M.A. in International Performance Research jointly from the University of Warwick and University of Amsterdam.