The Reckoning

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They did not get better. The shadow side of celebration of life holds the sediment of loss: the fury, the grief, the fury. It will never be the same. We cannot go back. We are broken open. And-now-what? In the aftermath of feminine rage, divine and disgusting, overflowing like fluid lava beneath the surface of the social; What do we do now? In the gap, in the wound, in the space of healing- The Reckoning. The final two shows in a series of works from Lady Janitor, including Truthteller.

Part of the SummerWorks Presentations programming – offering you a snapshot of contemporary performance in 2018. A vital collection of theatre, dance, music, and live art works from across the country.

Concept and Choreography by Eroca Nicols; Performed by Eroca Nicols, and Gregory Holt

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