SummerWorks Exchange Day 1

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The SummerWorks Exchange is a new stream of the Festival, encapsulating our professional development and industry activities. Exchange Events are included for Accredited Industry Pass Holders, and members of the general public can purchase a ticket that gives them access to all events during the day. For more information, visit



Venue: Toronto Media Arts Centre

Co-hosted by Public Recordings, an opportunity to connect with colleagues, as well as meet new artists and presenters.

ASL Interpretation will be provided for this event.



Venue: Toronto Media Arts Centre

Presented in partnership with Ad Hoc Assembly, Artscape Launchpad & Generator

Participants will have the opportunity to choose between concurrent workshops providing tools for generous listening, decolonizing performance practice, and equitable engagement within cross-cultural collaboration.

ASL Interpretation will be provided for select workshop sessions. Please contact for more information

Session 1: Affinity Gathering

Facilitated by Ad Hoc Assembly: Donna-Michelle St. Bernard, Grace Phan Nguyen & Cole Alvis

Ad Hoc Assembly (AHA) in association with Generator and SummerWorks will lead a workshop to equip Indigenous and culturally diverse artists for equitable engagement. Tools include holding space and empowering yourself within cross-cultural collaboration.

AHA Affinity Gatherings engage with local artists to identify barriers/resources and strengthen their practice through the exchange of knowledge and experience.

We welcome settler arts practitioners who identify as members of an equity-seeking cultural community (i.e. Deaf, disabled, Trans, gender non-binary, etc).

AHA is dedicated to the sustained forward movement of ethno-cultural and socially diverse performance works, processes, and traditions.

Session 2: Systems by Design

Facilitated by Artscape Launchpad: Jerrold McGrath and Peter Toh

We have all experienced getting stuck in structures that make responding, learning, and participating hard. This program is for those interested in how we can shift how we show up with each other to do new things. Participants will receive practical tools and direct interactions with a live case in the arts community.

Our systems — organizational, community, or societal — are defined by a set of spoken and unspoken rules and assumptions. By pointing out these unspoken patterns, we can redesign the moments in which we come together to better reflect the world we want to see. Pulling back from habits and rituals is time-consuming and difficult. This session will provide the structures and the discipline to do this in the systems we care about.

In this session we will explore:

  • Intervening in systems: Practices and approaches for changing how systems work
  • Disorganizing by design: Breaking up routines so that new things can happen
  • Reorganizing from our values: Redesigning structures that embody the values we want to see
  • Properties of spaces: Imagining them in new ways

Session 3: Talking Treaties: Quick Creation with the Dish with One Spoon

Facilitated by Ange Loft

A continuation of last year’s workshop Re / Colonizing – Decolonizing Performance Practice, Ange Loft takes participants through the history of the Dish With One Spoon, followed by participants creating a multidisciplinary performance response shared in small groups, and concludes with group reflection and sharing.

The Dish with One Spoon is a regional agreement between Indigenous Nations to uphold shared responsibility for the land. This three-part workshop begins with presentation and exploration of the conceptual origins, historical documentation and challenges to the understandings held in the wampum-based agreement. A generative mapping of images, symbols and key phrases serves as the base for improvised vocal interpretation, but also as the generated content for speedy collaborative creation in small teams. The final phase invites participants to witness and perform in the impromptu spectacle. Time is given for brief reflection and for discussion.



Venue: Theatre Centre Cafe
Free Event

Alternative facts? Fake news? The latest issue of Canadian Theatre Review explores how theatre and performance in Canada are reckoning with renewed cultural interest in how we parse fact from fiction. Join us as we celebrate the launch of issue number 175 on “Post-Truth,” with free snacks and appearances from the contributors.

The Canadian Theatre Review features thought-provoking plays and articles on current issues and trends in Canadian theatre. CTR provides the Canadian theatre community with in-depth feature articles, manifestos, slideshows, videos, design portfolios, photo essays, and other documents that reflect the challenging forms that theatre takes in the contemporary Canadian arts scene.

Available in print and online at CTR Online ( and Project MUSE (

Aangen is a non-profit organization that proposes to facilitate independence and cause community. We also aim to provide personalized emergency relief to those in disadvantaged life situations, by providing unconditional support and wraparound services.

The SummerWorks Exchange has been made possible by the Toronto Arts Council’s Open Door Program, with additional support from the Ontario Arts Council Market Development Initiative.

photo by Dahlia Katz.

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