Sound Circuitz


Scotiabank Studio Theatre, Pia Bouman
6 Noble Street
Ticket Price: $15 Save with a Pass
Friday August 12th 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Latecomer Policy

Latecomers are permitted.


Basement Studio Project members Halloway Jones, Natalie Logan and Heather Rappard use sculpture, light, and mirrors to create an immersive environment inspired by early computer generated animations. Enter their blue planet, split in two as you move between unique realms of sea and sky inspired by YTV’s mid-90s program Short Circuitz. Conquer natural dichotomy by carrying a fish sculpture into the sky or using a mirror to reflect a cloud into the sea. Explore a physical manifestation of virtual nostalgia.

The divide between performers, stage, set, and audience dissolves with intimate performances by BABY CAGES, Special Costello and DJ Budi that bring musicians off the stage and into the crowd. To honour the spirit of this show, each act will push the boundaries of their regular performances, employing improvisation, instrumentation diversification, and audience participation.


Basement Studio Project

Directed by Halloway Jones, Natalie Logan and Heather Rappard; Lights and Set Design by Basement Studio Projects; Music Performances by BABY CAGES, Special Costello and DJ Budi.

Presented by TD.

Curator's Note

"Baby Cages and Natalie Logan brought us one of the most delightfully bizarre submissions this year and we knew right away we just had to help make it happen. Beautiful and brooding post-alternative with '90s nostalgia sliced and screwed into a long-form looking glass menagerie. With weirdo Halifax cult heroes Special Costello joining the fray, the night is bound to be absolutely remarkable." - Adam Bradley and Andrew Pulsifer