(re)conciliation: a workshop on integrating indigeneity and decolonizing performance practice

The land acknowledgement perfunctorily performed by rote will not serve the fraught, complex project of reconciliation; indeed, it may, at the end of the day, render such an endeavor an exercise in futility. How do artists go beyond the learning of names, or geography, or historical fact to begin decolonizing their practice? How do we re-imagine our relationship with this land upon which we create?

Cole Alvis (Métis) and Jill Carter (Anishinaabe-Ashkenazi) lead a workshop for artists on how we can more actively engage in (re)conciliation.

Presented in partnership with Generator Facilitators Cole Alvis and Jill Carter

Part of the SummerWorks Intensive Leadership Program (S.L.I.P.), a series of public events that explore how we can remove barriers and dismantle systems of oppression through artistic practice.

ASL Interpretation Provided

photo by Dahlia Katz

Artscape Youngplace Studio 103
180 Shaw Street, Toronto, ON

Tuesday August 8th 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Ticket Price: Free