How to Relax

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Combining dance, experimental performance art, and self-help, How to Relax asks what it means to undergo a personal transformation in the company of others. Using an obscure self-help book from the 80’s as an entry point into participation, seemingly simple instructions – or “psychotechniques” – become tools to generate a performance related to the authentic transformations that the author promises to deliver.

How to Relax is part of a double bill with Dolphin.

Twin Spark Productions Directed and Co-Created by Jenny Laiwint; Choreographed and Co-Created by Alison Daley; Performed and Co-Created by Dequan Clarke, Sky Fairchild-Waller, Amanda Paixão, Denise Solleza and Syntiche Tshidimu with contributions by Charlie Diaz; Sound design by Jenny Laiwint and Laura Whitmore Dickens; Music by George Davidson; Production and Lighting Design by Alex Maitland and Jennifer Lee; Guest Director Barbara Johnston; Produced by Alison Daley and Jenny Laiwint

photo by Jennifer Laiwint

(RP) The August 6 show has been designated as a Relaxed Performance.

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