High Blood (DATU x HATAW)


Scotiabank Studio Theatre, Pia Bouman
6 Noble Street
Ticket Price: $15 Save with a Pass
Saturday August 13th 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Saturday August 13th 9:30 PM - 10:30 PM

Latecomer Policy

Latecomers are permitted up until 5 minutes after the start of the performance.


Mixing music, dance, multi-media, and spiritual rituals, High Blood is a participatory theatre experience inside an immersive world of Filipino superstition, mythology, and ritual that clashes ancient Philippine customs with North-American swagger. Putting a unique twist on a traditional Catholic mass, the performance explore the roles that colonization, superstition and indigenous ritual play in Philippine culture.

A collaboration between Filipino arts groups DATU and HATAW, High Blood decolonizes what we’ve been conditioned to believe is wrong and right – fusing traditional Filipino music and dance with diverse contemporary styles. A showcase of virtuosity through collective ability that brings Filipino-Canadian culture to center stage.


Created and Performed by DATU and members of HATAW; Musical Direction by Romeo Candido; Technical Direction by Alexander Punzalan; Artistic Direction by Jodinand Aguillon.

Presented by TD.

Curator's Note

"DATU are a top-rung electronic RnB pop act rooted deep within the Filipino-Canadian artistic community, making innovative use of traditional kulintang elements. Joined in close collaboration will be the indescribably talented all-female Filipina dance collective HATAW, who will bring their traditionally-tinged modern dance to further expand the night's exuberance. With the sheer quality of art and collaborative cross-cultural fusion, we knew they would be right at home at SummerWorks." - Adam Bradley and Andrew Pulsifer