Fame Prayer / EATING


The Theatre Centre BMO Incubator
1115 Queen Street West
Ticket Price: $15 Save with a Pass
Tuesday August 9th 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Friday August 12th 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM


Double Bill with Dull Roar.

Latecomer Policy

No Latecomers.


Possible Nudity.


Elevating celebrity tabloids, pop songs, and social media actions into mystical objects, dances and rituals – Fame Prayer / EATING examines and confuses ideas of modern spirituality through the process of consumption and invites you to consider the complications that arise when consumer culture absorbs spiritual practices. A rigorously undisciplined performance created by dance artist Andrew Tay, visual and performance artist Francois Lalumiere, and photographer and performance artist Katrzyna Szugajew, Fame Prayer / EATING will be a queer space of worship, a critique of healing culture, and a transgressive and disorientating performance for the audience to engage with.


Wants&Needs danse

Performed and Created by Andrew Tay, Francois Lalumiere and Katrzyna Szugajew.

Created at Studio 303 (Montreal) as part of their Summer Artist in Residency Program.

Curator's Note

"Through meticulous distortion and transformation of the body Andrew’s work seeks to mutate sacred actions into the banal, everyday, and inconsequential or elevate the less sacred into something of extreme importance. Playful, colorful and charming, while also being turbulent and iconoclastic, Andrew explores alternative working methods for frictions within spirituality, healing, and worship." - Jenn Goodwin