Empire of Night


The Drake Underground
1150 Queen Street West
Ticket Price: $15 Save with a Pass
Thursday August 11th 11:00 PM - 7:00 AM


Audience members may come and go throughout the performance. BYOB - Bring Your Own Blanket.


Loud Music, Flashing Lights.


We will gather at precisely 11pm at the Drake Underground. You will be welcomed by our highly qualified sleepover technicians. They will prepare you for your journey taking you to your designated pillow & blanket. You lie down, bathed in ambient light, as a musical pulse invites you to relax. Voices reach you in waves like a philosophical lullaby; dancers, like sleepwalkers, spread slowly throughout the room as it all culminates in a jubilant celebration of the dawn. Empire of Night invokes the surreal logic of the dream, the joy of the childhood sleepover, and the uninhibited freedom of the dance party. You’re invited to join our communal dreamscape – doze off, relax, or follow along as we enact an eight-hour dreamscape structured around the biological rhythms that make up a good night’s sleep.

Created by theatre artist Adam Paolozza, musician Matt Smith (aka Prince Nifty), sound/video artist Charles Ketchabaw, and dance artist Kari Pederson, Empire of Night is a nocturnal antidote to the cold rationalism of the daytime.


Bad New Days

Created by Kari Pederson, Charles Ketchabaw, Matt Smith and Adam Paolozza; Performed by Matt Smith, Kari Pederson, Charles Ketchabaw, Adam Paolozza and special guests; Directed by Adam Paolozza; Choreography by Kari Pederson; Music by Matt Smith; Sound/Video Design by Charles Ketchabaw; Lighting Design by Adam Paolozza and Charles Ketchabaw; Production image by Bryan Olson.

Curator's Note

"For one night only, multi-talented artists Adam Paolozza, Matt Smith, Charles Ketchabaw and Kari Pederson, have dreamed up the “must see” event of the festival. This bold experiment in durational performance invites audience to the ultimate sleep-over party from 11PM to 7AM. Although each collaborator is critically acclaimed in their respective fields of theatre, music, sound design and dance, their talents bleed across disciplines and lucky audience members will have a chance to experience the intoxicating result." - Cathy Gordon