Community Meal: Organic Community Gathering

Come to a community meal where you gain the experience of communicating non-verbally, tracing back to the roots where words are not spoken and community togetherness forms organically. This community meal will feature nourishing, healthy meals that will just fill you right up. You will learn more about non-spoken communication and unity by taking care of others through nourishment and food.

Community Meal is a regular monthly programming at The Theatre Centre – a chance for our community to come together and share a delicious home-cooked meal over engaging conversations intersecting art, food, and the community. This month’s event is a special collaboration between The Theatre Centre and SummerWorks. Learn more about the Community Meals here.

Presented in partnership with The Theatre Centre Hosted and Cooked by Tamyka Bullen, Ralitsa Rodriguez and Sage Willow

ASL Interpretation will be provided.

photo by Dahlia Katz

The Theatre Centre Cafe
1115 Queen Street W, Toronto, Ontario

Sunday August 13th 1:30pm - 3:00pm

Ticket Price: Admission is free - Meal costs $5

New This Year: Pay What You DecideIn addition to our usual $15 ticket, $25 and $35 tickets are also available - you pick whichever suits your budget. All tickets are general admission, and there are no limits on any price level.