Factory Theatre Studio
125 Bathurst Street
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Friday August 12th 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


bug is part of our SummerWorks Lab Worklight Workshops - works in development that will receive residency hours in our main venues during the festival, culminating in a public showing.


A one-woman physical theatre piece that explores the journey of a young Indigenous girl and her relationship to addictions that stem from the horrors of inter-generational trauma. Using poetry, prose and song, we learn about the life of THE GIRL – from being taken away from her alcoholic Mother, being cycled through the damaging foster care system on her reservation, to developing an addictive personality that clings to anything that will give her power or make her feel loved. Her addiction grows and manifests as MANIDOONS (Ojibwe word for bug/insect/worm). As she gets older, this creature slowly takes her over and her addictions become so dangerous it nearly cultivates in a horrible accident that she is struggling to remember while she tells her story.


Minority Mumble

Written and Performed by Yolanda Bonnell; Directed and Dramaturged by Cole Alvis; Original Music by Classic Roots.