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Thursday August 4th 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM
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Sunday August 14th 3:15 PM - 4:45 PM

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Trigger warning, strong language, and sexual material.


An Afro-futurist dub-opera set in Ontario, Bleeders is the culminating play in d’bi.young anitafrika’s new triptych, The Orisha Trilogy. The story takes place way into the future – the Pickering Nuclear Plant has exploded, and a group of Black womxn form a small council. How in the midst of government oppression, repression of the gender revolution, and ecological degradation do we still find hope?


Watah Theatre

Written and Directed by d'bi.young anitafrika; Performed by Aquila Rootz, Sashoya Shoya Oya, Raven Dauda, Najla Nubyanluv, Olunike Adeliyi, Aisha Bentham, Nickeshia Garrick, Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah, Raven Wngs, d'bi.young anitafrika; Musical Director & Composer Waleed Abdulhamid; Composer tuku; Choreograper Nickeshia Garrick; Set & Costume Rachel Forbes; Lighting Designer Sharmylae Taffe-Fletcher; Stage Manager Kathleen Jones; Assistant Stage Manager Samson Brown; Executive Producer d’bi.young anitafrika; Producer Brett Haynes

Curator's Note

"d’bi.young is one of the most compelling and audacious performer/creators in the country. Whatever she’s up to is worth checking out."
- Guillermo Verdecchia