SummerWorks 25 Award Winners:

Presented in collaboration with English Theatre – National Arts Centre.

The SummerWorks Award for Design

Honourable Mention:

Ayelen: Shalak Attack, Bruno Smoky, Andre du Toit, and Brandon Valdivia

For a sharp unique aesthetic, with haunting implications.


the marquise of O–: Camie Koo, Amanda Wong, Christopher Stanton, CJ Astronomo, and Wesley Mckenzie

For an impressive integration of all design elements which created an ever-evolving, surprising experience.

The Canadian Stage Award for Direction

multiform(s): Amanda Acorn

For an intimate mesmerizing meeting of bodies, space, sound and form.


The Living: Ines Buchli

For a sophisticated orchestration of a thoroughly moving experience.

The Contra Guys Award for New Performance Text

The Tall Building: by Jill Connell

For a lush, funny and haunting refraction of our world; with rich unexpected characters in vivid yet unassuming places.


Stupidhead! (A Mucisal Comedy): Katherine Cullen and Britta Johnson

For a script that is personal, irreverent and clever, set to music that is charming and infectious.

The Buddies in Bad Times Vanguard Award for Risk/Innovation

Honourable Mentions:

Performance About A Woman

For an intimate, multi-disciplinary sharing of self, and an unconventional use of space.


Like There’s No Tomorrow

For a unique tackling of an immense and important subject.


Are You Still Coming Tonight?

For the electric evolution of the work that lead us into a snarling, teeth-gnashing darkness.

The Spotlight Award for Performance

Honourable Mention:

This Is Where We Live: Jenna Harris & Tim Welham

For genuinely making us believe that SummerWorks had found the money to import artists from Australia, and giving honesty to the wise naivete of the teenager.


The Emancipation of Ms. Lovely: Ngozi Paul

For such a complete offering of herself, in an honest and intimate piece.

The Theatre Centre Award Emerging Artist Award

Honourable Mention:

MacArthur Park Suite: Ensemble

For providing its audience with a joyful experience!


Deceitful Above All Things: Genevieve Adam

For a captivating performance in her sweeping script.


The Tall Building: Philip Nozuka


Ayelen: Ximena Huizi

For anchoring an enigmatic, heightened world.

The NOW Magazine Audience Choice Award


The Living

The SummerWorks Prize for Production


Better Angels: A Parable

For telling its story with wit, cohesion and a fierce intelligence. This is an affecting work the jury feels should continue its creative journey.