Écoute Pour Voir

Écoute Pour Voir consists of a variety of solos, scattered throughout the space and performed simultaneously. Equipped with headphones attached to an iPod, dancers and viewers share a choreography face-to-face over the course of the music. Audience members are free to wander from one dancer to the next and observe the subtle intricacies of dance up close, as well as the moving, colourful whole from a distance. They are thus able to enter into the dance according to their inclinations and affinities. United for a few moments, connected by the movement, the dancers and viewers experience each time a truly unique encounter, a source of wonder and enchantment.


Écoute Pour Voir is presented in partnership with Workman Arts, one of the largest and longest-running multi-disciplinary arts and mental health organizations in the world. For over twenty-five years, Workman Arts has empowered aspiring, emerging and
established artists with mental illness and addiction issues to develop and refine their art practice through multifaceted arts training programs and public performance/exhibition opportunities.

The presentation of Écoute Pour Voir is the culmination of a professional training program offered for Workman Arts members given by Laurence Fournier Campeau and Raphaëlle Perreault of Danse Carpe Diem/Emmanuel Jouthe.

Workman Arts is a proud partner with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.


ÉCOUTE POUR VOIR from Danse Carpe Diem/Emmanuel Jouthe on Vimeo.