SummerWorks announces Progress: An international festival for performance and ideas

SummerWorks to produce a curated festival bringing international talent to Toronto August 17, 2014, TORONTO – SummerWorks Performance Festival is thrilled to announce the creation of Progress, a new international festival for performance and ideas produced in partnership with The Theatre Centre (1115 Queen St W). This international multi-arts festival seeks to create a new global stage for performance in Toronto. It launches February 4-15, 2015. The full festival lineup is set to be announced November 5, 2014. Progress features 8-10 international and national presentations. Projects are selected by a group of rotating curators invited to participate in Progress by... Read more

SummerWorks Performance Festival 2014 Announces Award Winners

SummerWorks Performance Festival 2014 Announces Award Winners SummerWorks celebrates award winners at its Closing Night Party August 17, 2013, TORONTO – Canada’s 23rd annual SummerWorks Performance Festival wrapped up another successful year with an awards ceremony recognizing outstanding artistic achievements at the Closing Night Party, held at The Theatre Centre(1115 Queen Street West). This year the festival celebrates strong audience presence and increased support to artists with a total of 572 artists who put on 366 performances of 61 productions.”We’re incredibly pleased and proud of the level of diverse, complex work that was offered at this... Read more

2014 SLIP DAY 9: Roselyn- Articulation … Say what?

It’s day 10, and I’m just beginning to sink into this incredible program… My fellow SLIPpers have written about our intense schedule: the packed line-up of speakers, the overload of info we get in discussion panels, and the thought-provoking shows we see every night. The group chats that start our days have been some of the most impressive bits of the program because they show me how articulate and perceptive my peers are! We see a show, maybe like it, maybe don’t, and then dissect why. It’s teaching me about... Read more

2014 SLIP DAY 8: Cheyenne-Money Changes Everything/Time After Time

  “Money changes everything Money, money changes everything We think we know what we’re doin’ That don’t mean a thing It’s all in the past now Money changes everything”   Well, we’re over halfway through the festival and keeping up the momentum at S.L.I.P. It seems to me the big topic of discussion throughout SummerWorks has been around money. SummerWorks launched a new campaign seeking support by texting CREATE to 41010 to donate $5, $10, or $20 and has a yellow bucket at each venue for those who choose to... Read more

2014 SLIP Day 6: Julia- The New Mantra

“My name is Julia Haist, I am a Toronto-based Playwright, Actor and Director.” Over the past week, I have probably said this phrase over a dozen times. This is not part of my regular day-to-day vocabulary; that’s not how I answer the phone, or what I say to the Barista when they ask who the coffee’s for, but this week, saying this sentence has become necessary to provide context for myself for the myriad of guest speakers and mentors with whom we’ve been fortunate enough to share some space and... Read more

2014 SLIP Day 5: Tatiana- Get Inside of What’s Inside You

“Hi, my name is Tatiana Carnevale and I am a Winnipeg-based director of theatre.” Over the last week, I have said this phrase like … 500 times. On our first day of SLIP I probably apologized and threw in something about University of Guelph and musical theatre and acting and devising and then looked around and then maybe apologized again or scratched my leg or something equally unimpressive. By now though, a week into the program, I am confident in myself and my introduction. As Julia, one of my fellow... Read more

2014 SLIP Day 4: Meg- How do you measure success?

By day four, we are settling into the routine. We meet in the morning.  We talk about our nights, the shows we’ve seen, the coming day’s plan.  We stretch with nickels under our heels. Severn Thompson comes in to talk with us.  She tells us about Madam Mao, how the project developed, and about her path and practices as an artist.  We talk about collaboration, drawing out the shape of a piece, and the usefulness of sticky-notes. Later on we will go see Unknown Soldier and Maracatu You!, each thought... Read more

2014 SLIP Day 3: Brian- Failure

It’s too late and finding the time to write anything outside of our schedule is difficult. So I’m tasked with detailing my experience of SLIP thus far during the SummerWorks festival. I found it difficult to specify exactly what it was I wanted to write for my blog post. During Army Girls/Cara Spooner’s “Failure Fest” I suppose I was inspired to talk about Failure.So here I am, past midnight, traveling east under the raging Taste of the Danforth back home. I’ll need to wake up at 8am tomorrow for our... Read more

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