Young Drones Starring The Bicycles


Welcome to the bunker. Audience members will be treated to a top secret presentation of the latest in security enforcement technology. A power-point presentation by Professor Southworth will be followed by the launch of two “drones” so advanced, they give new meaning to the term “unmanned.” Their calculations and computations can analyze minute details in a nanosecond, and should explosive devices require deployment, targets can be obliterated before the remote control pilot even presses the button. The devices will be christened with great fanfare, in a ceremony that you will not be permitted to describe to your friends and family. The score will consist of entirely new music by the Bicycles, composed especially for the occasion.


Back on the scene, Toronto power pop veterans The Bicycles have returned with an arsenal of new infectious tunes. They’ve just recently released Stop Thinking So Much (on Fuzzy Logic), an album touted as “the perfect soundtrack to float you through the summer” and playing selected shows and festivals throughout the country this summer. The multi talented five piece take turns singing and playing their signature sounds, ranging from bouncy elephant 6 style indie pop, to garage rock, or dusty western country ballads and groovy yacht-rockers thrown in for good measure. Each member brings something unique to the table, together the band covers many sound genres, though sweet melodies, irresistible riffs and good times are key.

John Southworth is one of Canada’s most distinctive and iconoclastic music artists, respected for forging ahead with his own unique brand of music-making, while garnering high praise for his inimitable contribution. John recently released the surreal cabaret-operetta ‘Easterween’ featuring arrangements by Andrew Downing, hailed as “undoubtedly the most ambitious Southworth thing – or for that matter, any other Toronto singer songwriter has done in recent memory” (Michael Barclay, The Record).

Maggie MacDonald is an artist, playwright, and campaigner. Her most recent theatre project with Stephanie Markowitz and Stevie Jackson, Paper Laced with Gold, was workshopped in 2012 as part of a HATCH Residency. Currently, MacDonald works at an environmental NGO, and is a collaborator of the San Diego-based Green Neuroscience Laboratory.

Stephanie Markowitz is a multidisciplinary producer, director and performer. Stephanie is currently performing with feminist art rock band, VAG HALEN, developing a feature film based on the novel Bottle Rocket Hearts, and pursuing a Masters of Education degree at OISE, University of Toronto.

Amy Siegel’s work reflects the varied roles she plays; as an activist, artist and educator. Her artwork often takes a critical view of different social, political and cultural issues. She is a multidisciplinary artist who works in a variety of media including installation, video, performance and sculpture. Her work focuses on the way landscape, history and memory inform the way we experience the world. The ghosts of people, objects and moments breathe life into a place, even in their absence. Physical environments are experienced on multiple levels: what we see, what we remember, and the stories we’ve heard.