How Can I Forget?


A Multimedia Dream created and performed by Sook-Yin Lee with Benjamin Kamino and the assistance of Adam Litovitz. Co-Directed by Erika Batdorf.

HOW CAN I FORGET? explores the tension between remembering and forgetting: what we forget that we ought to remember, and what we remember that we want to forget. It is a study of memory through fraught relationships.

From prose to movement, surrealism to documentary, it is a poetic collision unfolding in a dream logic, and a “duet” performed by Lee and Kamino embodying aspects of the same person: naked embryonic twins navigating a primordial womb in a new creation myth.

The SummerWorks 2013 residency will develop How Can I Forget? with a guest co-director, who is the first outside pair of eyes to influence the work.

How Can I Forget? was previously developed with support from the Rhubarb Festival in partnership with hub14.

TRAILER: How Can I Forget? A Multimedia Dream from Sook-Yin Lee on Vimeo.